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Within the White Lines

Liam and Ryan have been working very closely alongside Ruth Fox and are excited about the release of her new book Within the White Lines. Ruth is a 19-year-old mental health campaigner who was diagnosed with depression aged 14 and has since faced a difficult battle with the illness. Since reaching her lowest point in November 2017 she has rebuilt her life, using football as a way to keep her grounded, and she found her purpose in helping others. She is now an active campaigner for mental health awareness and training, especially in sport, and she speaks in schools and professional conferences in the hope that she can help others not have to go through what she's been through. She also works alongside football clubs and county FA's to raise awareness of mental health within football.

In Within the White Lines, she explains how the beautiful game of football helped pull her back from the brink of suicide. It has received praise from prominent figures within football and sport, including Dame Kelly Holmes. It is released next Friday (9th November), and is available on Amazon and all good bookstores.

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