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Sheffield United Mental Health Awareness Matchday

On Saturday 5th October we hosted a Mental Health Awareness Matchday Event. In the morning our Man On! group played a football match at the Meriden Community Centre against FC Not Alone, the worlds first mental health football club. All our participants had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to play against FC Not Alone. The Premier League also recorded a video of the session and our participant James Lindsay, which you can watch here.

In the afternoon everyone went down to Vicarage Road to watch the Watford Sheffield United game, which was also a designated Mental Health Matchday. Liam Dwyer, our mental & physcial wellbeing officer, and Watford legend Allan Smart spoke to the crowd at halftime about the Positive Minds programme and the importance of mental health.

Man On! is a weekly Mens Physical Activity and Wellbeing group aimed at increasing participant’s mental wellbeing. For more information click here.

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