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Positive Minds; Online Programme Launches

Positive Minds has moved online!

Over the past couple of months we have been busy creating Positive Minds; Online - a 5 week course for Year 6 classes delivered through an online platform. We have started delivery to 11 schools across Hertfordshire, with another 10 schools signed up who we will begin delivering to in the very near future (please see below for the full list of schools currently signed up). We have already received some great feedback, with one student from St Cuthbert Mayne saying:

"I learnt that having mental health issues doesn’t stop you achieving your dreams because some celebrity’s have it. I also know that 50% of your mental health issues are established before you are 14. I also learnt a lot more – thank you for letting us use this site!”

The programme is open to all schools in Hertfordshire and is Free!

For more information on how you can get involved please contact: or

Positive Minds; Online Full Programme Details:

The 3 Main learnings we are looking to achieve:

  • The Students to understand the concept of Mental Health and that we all have Mental Health and it correlates with our Physical Health

  • For the students to identify their 3 appropriate coping strategies that they can practice and use currently and going forward

  • For the Students to identify their support network and who they can go to for help

Aim: Each session will include online quizzes, videos, activities and tasks to keep the young people engaged with the topic of mental health. The sessions will be closely aligned to the outcomes of Positive Minds; Education and will also have illustrated crib sheets sent out which will further information and learning for the students to consolidate there learning.

Session 1 – Introduction to Mental Wellbeing Students to complete an interactive Quiz before receiving the information worksheet later in the week.

Session 2 – 5 Ways to Wellbeing Students to be provided a Task sheet with 5 activity tasks to complete during the week that relate to the 5 ways to well-being. Later on in the week the students will complete an interactive quiz providing an opportunity to share how they have completed the tasks.

Session 3 – Coping Strategies

The Students will be provided a sheet about coping strategy's and how to cope in the current climate and then demonstrate their own 3 coping strategies through an online interactive quiz.

Session 4 – Support Network

The Students will be provided a sheet about their support network alongside a task to complete and demonstrate their own Support Network through an online interactive quiz which will be released later in the week.

Session 5 – Moving Forward For session 5, we will ask them to complete an online learning survey and provide information on how to use their findings moving forward to best equip them for the future, their transition into secondary school, managing the current situation and post the current situation.

Full list of schools that have started the programme:

  • Lanchester Community Free School

  • St Meryl

  • Brockswood

  • St Cuthbert Mayne

  • Pixies Hill

  • St Josephs

  • Hobbs Hill Wood

  • Cuffley School

  • St Pauls & Chesant

  • Waterside Primary

  • St Catherine's Hoddesdon

Schools that are signed up and will be starting in the near future:

  • St Michaels Woolmer Green Kenbworth

  • Knutsford Primary

  • Hammon Academy

  • Orchard Primary

  • Potten End CoE Primary

  • St Augustine

  • Forres School

  • Flamstead End

  • Northaw CofE Primary

  • The Abbey School

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