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Positive Minds; Online Feedback

Our Positive Minds; Online sessions are finishing this week and we have already received some brilliant feedback from schools and students!

We heard back from Year 5 students at Cuffley School, including Chloe who said "the project has helped me to control my emotions and recognise why I feel that way", and Ariane who said "I learnt about mental health, goal setting and resilience."

Charlotte told us "All the activities you set out were great. The vids are so well put together, they were funny and you came across as not intimidating and strict. I think the whole thing put together summarised: fun, not complicated, creative and correct. It is such a good subject to talk about, as I know lots of children that suffer with their wellbeing. It has helped me understand, you all taught me support systems, something we didn't learn at school (yet) thanks for all of your time, everyone included in this must feel really thankful".

We also received some great feedback from Year 7 students at Goffs-Churchgate Academy. One student said "I have found the sessions Watford FC have provided have been full of information and techniques, they have been interesting and useful. I will certainly be putting some of their ideas into practice."

Another student said she "liked the practical tasks" and was "more aware about mental health and feels she would know what to do if someone needed support".

Finally we heard how a student "found the course really useful especially during this lockdwon with mental wellbeing".

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