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Positive Minds; Education Feedback

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The Positive Minds; Education sessions are finishing this week! The 6 week course has been successfully delivered to 12 schools (10 primary, 2 secondary) in Watford over the last few weeks.

We have received some very positive feedback so far. Debra Higginson (winner of a 'Pearson Teacher of the Year' Silver award) from Nascot Wood Junior School "thought the whole programme was excellent" and said it gave her students "an opportunity to think about and discuss issues that they possibly hadn’t identified for themselves". She also added that Positive Minds "helped not only the children but also the adults to find a way of discussing mental health proactively".

The students at Bushey Meads School also gave us some great feedback, letting us know what they liked and what could be improved:

One of the students even designed a poster inspired by the Positive Minds sessions!

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