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Christmas Buffet for Mental Health Project Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

We were very excited to host our first ever Mental Health Project Review alongside a Christmas Buffet at Vicarage Road Stadium on Wednesday 12th December. We invited all Watford Schools to attend alongside Mental health services, who were then able to meet and network together, with the schools able to find out information about what support is out there for children and their mental health.

It was also a great opportunity for schools to provide feedback on our Positive Minds programme, where we took on board the schools feedback to help steer the project going forward. It was also a chance for schools to hear further information about the Project and the Watford Trust, and hear about our exciting forthcoming free EMPOWER sessions. It was also great to welcome and meet some new schools who have not been involved with our Project before! We were very fortunate to have Liza Craggs from Tannerswood speak to those present about her experience of having Positive Minds taught at her school, the impact it has had on her students and her contribution in helping shape Positive Minds and the project. Thank you Liza!

Over 35 people attended, including:

  • Rabi Martins – Watford Council and Mental Health Advocate for Watford

  • Caroline Roche of Leisure at Watford Council

Representatives from:


  • Signposts

  • Building Better Opportunities – Watford CSE Trust

  • Delivering Special Provision Locally (DSPL)

And representatives each from the following schools:

  • Shenley Primary School

  • Bromet School

  • St Meryl School

  • Nascott Wood

  • Holywell school

  • The Grove Academy

  • Bushey Meads

  • Tannerswood

  • ST Catherine of Sienna

  • Chater Primary School

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